Amazonas, Just like a deep Green sea conformed by

Tall trees, trees that had needed years even hundreds of

Them to grow.

The Amazonas River which represents importance because of its greatness

 has been the witness of the formation

Of this wonderful place and the cycle of life of it.

Always in the same place

Seeing the beautiful flowers blooming, hearing the howling monkeys

And lending its waters to people and animals.

In the river a wonderful specie you will find

Marvelous living things that happy in the water  swim in groups

Giving to the brownish waters a touch of pink.

Pink dolphins partners of the Amazonas River are called

Because in its waters they can only be found.

In the Amazonas you won’t hear the

Sounds of a busy city

You will hear a mix of natural sounds insects, monkeys, frogs and other

Shy animals that won’t let you see them but they will let you hear them

Just like if you were in the paradise of sounds

Making you feel an unforgettable feeling of peace.

Poem created by: Luna Colmenares from team Bachue