Roots, Barks, Leaves,Stems, I Hear.  By Brindha K. All material in this blog are copyrighted by their owners.

It was a cold winter day. Henry woke up from his slumber and peeped out of his bedroom window to see the falling white snow. The scenery of the pine trees glazed with snow that surrounded his house was very beautiful. However, Henry could not believe his eyes when he saw those the barks of the trees trembling and the leaves quivering.   ‘Could the trees be shivering?’ Henry asked himself.   ‘I must find out the truth’, Henry thought and jumped out of his bed. He ran out of his house towards the trees wearing his blue duck pajamas. Henry touched the trees, the trees vibrated. ‘Wow!’ he thought ‘trees must have feelings’. What Henry didn’t know was that all things which live and grow have emotions.   Suddenly, Henry heard some sweet, hushed lullabies coming from the trees. The sounds fused together to create a gentle melody which seemed to say “hello” to Henry.   ‘Could the trees be talking?’ Henry asked.    Henry who was feeling rather confused now placed his chilled ear to the bark of the tree. He heard again the same quiet tones now playing a different tune. This time, Henry could hear same gruff tones, shrilled tones and quick notes playing in harmony a secretive but joyful song. Through their music, the trees whispered to Henry that all plants and animals have feelings. It told Henry that he must love all living things because through that love only we will survive. And for loving us, we will give you the gift of fresh air and food for you to live and grow with.