The pink dolphin is the biggest species around the world that lives on lakes o rivers, it lives in Amazonas river in our country (Colombia), the teacher of social studies tells us that these dolphins live in a lake called Tarapoto in the Amazonas.


There are many stories about this wonderful animals, one of them tells that  the pink dolphin was once a young warrior but one of his gods desired his masculine attributes and decided to transform him in to a pink dolphin, forcing him to live along the rivers and lakes of the Amazonas.


Other story tells that when there is full moon and when there are parties, the pink dolphin transforms in to a pink dolphin and goes to the parties to seduce woman, they will be all dressed in white and with a hat, and is said that when woman are alone in a canoe one day a pink dolphin will visit her and the she will be pregnant. Because of this it is said that all children with out a dad are sons of the pink dolphin. And because of this men from the region try to kill pink dolphins so dolphins wont take they’re woman.


As they are only stories we want to send a message to every person on the world and is that these animals are very friendly cute and as we do they also deserve to live and we have to protect them so this wonderful and unique species won’t disappear.